Welcome to Defying Disaster™

With an emphasis on personal health and safety, Defying Disaster™ helps individuals, households, businesses and organizations prepare for and manage a variety of serious threats — from crime to disasters.

We offer an array of methods and resources to help get you ready: workshops, classes, preparedness parties, Emergency “Go” Bags, consulting, and information resources.

We hope you never have to contend with a calamitous event, but if you do, our services will contribute a measure of safety and peace of mind when you need it most.

Preparedness Parties

Invite family, friends and coworkers to learn life-saving information and skills while they try out supplies and equipment that will help keep all of you safe and connected.

Do you want to know how to put together a “Go” bag that will truly take care of your family’s needs in an emergency? Are you worried about crime during a disaster?  Do you know how to administer first aid for common illnesses and injuries if medical help is not available?

When you host or attend a preparedness party, you, your family and coworkers will learn how to manage very difficult circumstances – together.

Disaster Readiness “Go” Bags

  • 3 to 7 day Emergency “Go” Bags with standard or customized contents, for work, school, car and home.
    • We create “Go” bags and household Supply Caches that meet the unique needs of the elderly, infants, toddlers, and those with functional deficits
  • Disaster Planning for households and organizations

Learn more about Preparedness Parties and “Go Bags”

Education and Training

  • Emergency/disaster classes, workshond yps and seminars
    • Earthquakes
    • Nuclear / Radiological
    • Severe Weather including floods, heat and cold emergencies, windstorms, and tornadoes
    • Epidemics, pandemics and emerging infectious diseases
    • Wildfires
    • Terrorist threats
    • Infrastructure failures
  • Crime Prevention; personal safety at home, work, in the community and during disasters
    • Identity theft
    • Burglary
  • Simulation (game) based disaster preparation
  • Infectious and communicable disease prevention and control
  • Customized curricula, training, presentations, seminars and workshops

Learn more about Defying Disaster courses and training

Consulting  Services

  • Home and organization emergency preparedness set-up including supply caches
  • Crime prevention planning
  • Safety product/equipment evaluation and demonstrations

Learn more about Consulting and Project Services

Defying Disaster expands its impact by donating a portion of our profits to disaster and other relief organizations. See Disaster Relief for details.

Defying Disaster Games, Website and GermTheory™ LLC provide information only, not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See Additional Terms