The hardest struggle in medicine is the complexity, the extreme complexity of what is now required to take care of people… There are 13,6000 diagnoses, 6000 drugs and 4000 medical and surgical procedures.    Atul Gawandi, M.D.

Defying Disaster in Healthcare offers research services that help bridge the disconnect between what the health care system provides and what patients need. The information we provide assists with the following difficulties and concerns:

  • Uncertainty or confusion about diagnosis, treatments, test findings or clinical trial options
  • Coping with a new diagnosis
  • Making a difficult medical decision
  • Being excluded from decisions about treatment, medications or care
  • Redundant testing, medications and office visits from multiple medical providers
  • Delayed or absent diagnosis
  • Treatment of symptoms without seeking a cause
  • Medication over-prescribing, medication errors or adverse reactions
  • Mistaken, missed or delayed diagnosis
  • Incomplete or absent discussion of the risks and benefits of treatment, tests or medications
  • Conflicting information from medical providers
  • Uncertainty about diagnostic testing, medication, treatments or clinical trial participation
  • Hazards associated with diagnostic testing, imaging, medications and clinical trials
  • Hospital safety
  • Patient safety
  • Medical device or product safety

We strive to utilize the most up-to-date, valid information available on the internet. All research is conducted by a registered nurse with a combined forty years experience in healthcare and public health.  Roz Potter also has a master’s degree in education. Services are limited to research and education. We do not provide opinions or recommendations. We may highlight particularly important information.

Our services are free but limited to two hours of research per request. If you are happy with the service we provide, please consider making a gift in any amount so that we can continue. See the “Gratitude” button, soon to appear on each page.
 We are supported solely by gifts from our clients. We do not accept advertising or referral fees. We have no conflicts of interest to declare.
 Telephone (707) 255-7146  from 9 to 6 PST. for more information or to schedule an appointment.
 Your privacy is paramount. We do not share any information.