If you need help with a condition that is difficult to manage,  understand,  diagnose or  navigate through the healthcare system, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity)  dysautonomia, or adrenal fatigue, you’ve arrived at the right place. That’s the purpose of this website.

We  strive to provide factual, balanced  and useful (bear with us, we’re still in development)  information and resources. We have no conflicts of interest. We do not accept advertising or referral fees.

Site contents are curated by a master’s prepared educator, registered nurse, former Rand Corporation researcher and hospital compliance manager.

Our services bridge the gap between what individuals need and what the health care system provides.

I experienced that gap firsthand  as an RN caring for patients  in medical surgical and intensive care units, and later when I was manager of hospital infection prevention, employee health, education and safety programs. In 1983, while working as a research associate on a long term care project, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  And in 2011, my sister.  As caregiver and patient advocate for them and others, I know the care and information gap is widening, not narrowing.

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