The hardest struggle in medicine is the complexity, the extreme complexity of what is now required to take care of people… There are 13,6000 diagnoses, 6000 drugs and 4000 medical and surgical procedures.      Atul Gawandi, M.D.
We help bridge the disconnect between what the health care system provides and what patients need by:
  • Clarifying diagnoses and treatment details  
  • Identifying experts for second and third opinions
  • Providing full information about therapeutic options, risks and benefits
  • Providing background research on care providers, hospitals, diagnoses, drugs, therapies, and other topics
  • Identifying top treatment centers for specific diagnoses
  • Assisting you to recognize and prevent safety issues, adverse reactions, and other problems
  • Providing health coaching to improve nutrition, medication and treatment compliance and emotional resiliancy
  • Creating a medical record summary to evaluate treatment effectiveness, identify trends and undiagnosed problems to assist medical providers
  • Helping ease the transition from healthcare to home or other providers
  • Evaluating safety and effectiveness of medical devices and equipment